We ate a lot of shapes!


Ta-da~! This is our new decoration on the wall of our entrance!

As you can see, this is a food train, but it is not just a train. Budding's snack theme of this month is SHAPEtember! Did you realize that the train are made from a lot of shapes? The waffle and toast are squares, wheels are half of a circle, many kinds of fruit are also circles and the cheese is a triangle.  Some buddies participated to make them such as painting or telling what it looked like. Thank you friends!

Painting for the food train

Shapes are everywhere!

Shapes are everywhere of our life, even shapes with no names! So the goal of our snack theme is that we want to teach not only the names of basic shapes but also we want kids to realize that there are a lot of shapes around them.

Through this month, we have offered a different shaped snack every day. For instance, Monday is circle day, Tuesday is triangle day, Wednesday is square day, and other shapes for the other days of the week. Also, activities of the day are concerned with the shape of the day. The teachers of buddings are very creative, so they prepared many types of unique snacks which it seemed kids liked, and hilarious activities which even teachers wanted to try!

Triangle activity

Heart activity

Square fish activity

Shapes activity

Triangle activity

Star activity

Rectangle activity

In addition, we post the snacks and activities on our instagram (@buddingsdaycare) everyday. Also, we posted a snack menu on Facebook. Please feel free to follow us and check our instagram Stories and snack menu!

Star shaped toast

Triangle toast

Heart snack

Strawberry jello

Watermelon pizza

Veggie pancake

As far as safe for kids, we always try to involve kids to make snacks like measuring, pouring, cracking eggs, stirring.. That's one of the parts kids love!!! 

One day, I saw that a kid was making a circle with semicircles of colour glass blocks, then I thought the kid realized combining shapes sometimes turns to a new shape.

We made many shapes on the floor! It was a hit with kids! They sometimes sit down on a shape for a circle time, running on the shapes with the song "We Are the Dinosaurs",  jumping over from shape to shape, or placing or organizing toys inside a shape. That's a definitely great idea 🙂

We know lots of kids have learned the name of basic shapes. However, even if some kids haven't yet, beautiful decorated snacks and creative activities are fun! Next Month, we also have enjoyable snacks and activities. Please come to Buddings and join us! And don't forget to check out Instagram and Facebook!