Welcome Marlin!

This fall, the kids are back at school, and the Buddings team is very happy to welcome the lovely, knowledgeable, grounded, and talented Marlin Ortiz Larios! With a career's worth of experience in the administration and human services sectors, the kids, teachers, and parents, are all benefitting from this lady's clear communication style, and mad negotiation skills.

Marlin is from El Salvador, where she was a tutor (English, Math, Spanish) and a teacher with the American Sign Language school. She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Trinity Western University, which helped her develop her understanding of human development, but her understanding of humans, must have been there all along! That's how she has been able to manage events, schedules, conferences, and appointments for everyone, from the amazing workers at Options for Sexual Health, Seeds of Love and Hope International, and the patients and team at Shoreline Counselling. 

Marlin approaches all problems, opportunities, and challenges with a cool hand, logical mind, and soft touch, that brings everyone on side. Just look at that smile! Who could say "no"? 

Well, some toddlers will say "no" to everything, but even when they do, Marlin doesn't hesitate. She listens to their ideas, finds workable solutions, and makes them smile. 

She's turning those frowns upside down with us all fall/winter, AND planning for her own family expansion, when her baby is expected in 2022. Until then, you can find her shining face at Storybook, and her eloquent emails online at Marlin@buddings.ca.