How It Works


All the forms

Our digital daycare stores family files electronically and you can find all the daycare forms online for download. 

Download them to complete, and send to membership@buddings.ca.


Membership Changes

To change, add, or cancel your membership, download the Membership Change Form and submit to membership@buddings.ca on or before the 15th of the month. 

Forms received after the 15th will be processed for the following month. 

Please note: these forms take effect on May 25, 2019.

Sign up documents

As well as a signed copy of the forms below, we keep a record of children's immunizations and a photo of their face in a Dropbox file, stored online.

Please note: we will be updating our policies as of May 25. The forms below are the current. Older forms do not include some updates. Please download the Consent to Daycare Policies, and Payment Contract, to maintain an account. 

Credit card info is held encrypted and monthly payments are processed on the 25th of the month. Staff do not have access to credit card information, and we do not store, transmit, or accept credit card info electronically. Please call us to update your credit card info: 

Broadway - 604-569-3951

Storybook - 604-559-8494

Parents' Handbook


Our handbook outline all of our policies, dated to the most recent version. Updates to our policies occur from time to time, especially as we grow, and in response to our experience. We share these changes through our newsletters. 

Please feel free to review 🙂