Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buddings Flexible Care?

At Buddings, you can schedule licensed educational childcare for toddlers and preschoolers around your life commitments, with as little as one hour’s notice. You never need to pay for time you don’t need, and you can change, cancel, or extend your bookings anytime, up to 40 hours a month. We even have two locations, to make daycare when you want it, where you want.

How old are the kids at Buddings?

Our license allows us to accept children from 18 months (the month they turn 18 months is fine), to Kindergarten – until the day they start Grade 1.

How much does it cost?

We have two membership options, starting at $10/month. At that – Occasional – level, hours are $20/hour, with no minimums.

For families who attend 10 hours per month or more, the Regular level is $60/month, and $15/hour.

Fees are billed on the 25th of the month, for the next month.

Why only 40 hours per month?

An occasional childcare centre is a licensed program where each child attends no more than 40 hours in a calendar month. The number is picked by Licensing, somehow related to not having an outdoor space.

Buddings offers educational programs for toddlers and preschoolers, including walks and fieldtrips, with as little as one hour’s notice, to a max of 40 per month, per centre.

Is Buddings a licensed care provider in BC?

Yes, we are licensed with Vancouver Coastal Health and our inspection record is available on their website.

What does “Sustainable Living Focus” mean?

At Buddings, living sustainably means recognizing that our natural resources are not infinite; balancing our needs with our impact. We believe teaching children to appreciate nature, their food, and where products come from can (and should!!) be incorporated into the learning environment.

Our toys, books, art materials and snack time ingredients are all carefully selected for the lessons they teach and the questions they raise.

How do I switch my membership or exit the program?

You can switch membership types as often as you like, by submitting the Change Membership form to membership@buddings.ca by the 15th of the month. To exit, you can use the same form and the same deadline.

If you would like to switch from Occasional to Regular, for one month only, you can simply buy the Regular hours, and sign for the membership fee to be added to your next bill.

Your membership will return to Occasional at the end of the month.

What is the Buddings Account?

The Buddings Account is the password protected user’s area of the website, where you can find information about the hours balance and usage, invoices and payment history, information on file about you and your child, and access to the booking calendar.

What Guardian Information is kept on file?

Contact information for one or more guardians is kept on file for the duration of your child’s registration with Buddings, so that we can contact you about your membership and/or child. This includes: name, address, contact phone and email. A credit card is held encrypted with Elavon Converge, billed monthly on the 25th of the month. Staff do not have access to credit card numbers.

Most information is collected on the application to Become a Buddy, with some more specific questions at the interview. Guardians can access and update the information through their Buddings Account.

What Buddy Information is kept on file?

Specific information related to the needs and preferences of your child will be kept on file for the duration of their registration with Buddings, for the purposes of caring for them. This includes: name, birthday, likes, dislikes, allergies, and health insurance info.

Why can’t I book when I have hours in my account?

Hours are for the calendar month, so if you have hours for this month, but you are trying to book into next month, you will not be allowed. We provide make up hours for any you can’t use by the end of the month on the first, minus two, which we deduct as a processing fee. The deduction is waived if you let us know that the hours are the result of visits missed due to illness.

What types of snacks are provided at Buddings?

Snacks at Buddings are always healthy and delicious, made from locally sourced, organic and Fairtrade products, and exposing children to a variety of foods. Opting in for the daily snacks costs $2 and gives your child the opportunity to take part in cooking the food they’ll be eating.

Snack hours are 10:00am and 3:00pm. Meals are not provided at Buddings, but you can send any kind of food for your child.

Please Note: We are not nut-free.

What if I’m late to pick up my child?

Providing flexible care means we always prepare for things to change. All bookings include the 10 minutes on each side of the hours, for pick-ups and drop-offs. If you’re not here by 10 past, we’ll book your child into the next hour, and ask you to sign for it – to be billed with your next membership fees, on the 25th of the month.

So relax. Traffic won’t move faster if you’re stressing, and we’ll care for your child until you come. Grab a coffee, or go grocery shopping. Enjoy!

What happens if I need more hours?

You can schedule your hours at Buddings anytime, up to 40 hours per month, per child… per centre. Membership is good at both locations, so if you’re maxed out at one place, consider using hours at the other.

What happens if I have unused hours?

At the end of the month, unused hours are lost. They cannot be used, and they cannot be returned or refunded.

On the 1st of the month, we will credit your account for any hours you carried, minus 2. Please email us to let us know if you will have leftover hours so we can apply them as soon as possible. We guarantee them in your account on the 1st. If you would like to make a booking on the 1st, especially in the morning, please purchase the hours.

The 2-hour deduction is waived if you are carrying hours due to child (or parent) illness.

Please email us to let us know, and get well soon.

Why doesn’t Buddings offer refunds for unused hours?

It depends on the hours. We do not offer refunds for hours we can’t sell, so once the month has begun, your hours are your’s. We realize that plans can change, and will continue to move your purchased time forward for so long as you maintain your membership, at a cost of 2 hours per instance.

In some circumstances, we may, at our discretion, offer a refund. Please contact the manager to enquire.

How do I join the other centre?

Since the opening of our new location, Storybook Buddings, on June 1, 2018, members can attend two flexible daycares, with as little as one hour’s notice. Once oriented and registered, families can fill in the online account application for any other location, to attend.

At this time, membership fees  for both centres are per family, per month.

How can I transfer hours between my children, or between centres?

Families can buy hours for each child individually, and if you have an account with both of our centres, you can schedule time at whichever is most convenient, however families cannot transfer hours between centres or children directly.

The daycare manager is able to move your hours for you, at a cost of 2 hours per instance.

Where can I find out more about the people who work at Buddings?

Find our staff bios, program updates, and more in the About Us Section.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

You can reach our centre managers at info@buddings.ca, or the business owner and licensee at talia@buddings.ca.

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    I am wondering what is the minimum age for children in order to enter your programs?

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    I have a 12 month old and work at 943 west broadway. I’m very interested in a daycare where I can drop my child off for an hour or two while I get errands done. Can you give me some more info on pricing and if it’s a possibility for non-members to do drop ins ?


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