How It Works


Sign up documents

For Vancouver Coastal Health Licensing, we keep a Declaration of children's Immunizations and guardian Consent to Emergency Medical Attention (both below). For other instructions relating to children's Health & Care, please consider submitting the Daycare Directions form as well.  

Please download and submit them, with a photo of you child(ren), their immunization record(s) and health insurance info (ex: CareCard, or policy number), to membership@buddings.ca to confirm your orientation meeting. 


Change Membership

To change, add, or cancel your membership, download the Membership Change Form -->  

and submit to membership@buddings.ca on or before the 15th of the month.

To extend the deadline to the end of the month, you can request Additional Admin Support ($30)!

Otherwise, forms received after the 15th will be processed for the following month. 

Parents' Handbook

Our Parent Handbook outlines all of our policies, dated to the most recent version. Updates to our policies occur from time to time, as we grow, and in response to our experience. We share these changes through our newsletters. 

Please feel free to review 🙂


Other Forms


If your child will be carrying an epinephrine shot, asthma inhaler to daycare, or other prescription medication, please complete the forms below. 

Anaphylaxis CarePlan (updated annually)

Asthma CarePlan (updated annually)

Permission to Administer Prescription Medication