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Sickness Policies

Daycare Sickness Policies

Childcare in BC is an essential service, and Buddings has been operating safely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic... and since 2011. We follow the specific requirements for childcare centres from the Centre for Disease Control in BC, and have protocols for families to keep themselves safe while attending our centre. 

2m, please!

Direct face-to-face contact with an infected person for more than 15 minutes is considered significant exposure, so our first line of protection is to keep back from people we don't know. Getting into the habit of keeping extra space keeps droplets out of range.

While childcare centres are considered "low risk" for COVID, because transmission rates between young children are low, daycare is the perfect place to practice the healthy habits children can use to stay safe out there in the world. 

We use visual cues in our environment, like line-up footprints, and sitting circles, to show them where to be, demonstrate covering our coughs, and wash hands very regularly.

Taking Turns

In order to give space to each family, we ask that they wait until the cubby area is empty before entering. Drop-off/pick-up times are from 10 minutes before, until 10 minutes past each hour. We appreciate your time. When we know you're out there, we can prepare the children for a smooth departure.

A hand sanitizer station will be set up outside the centre door and handles and code punch buttons are wiped down at least twice daily.

"Goodbye" at the Gate

To keep drop-offs quick and orderly, and limit outside contaminants in the playspace, only children (in clean shoes) come through the gate. A teacher will meet families there, accept water bottles and kits, and take children immediately to wash their hands.

Please bring a pair of clean shoes to change into upon arrival.

We are NOT nut-free. Find our Snack Policies here.

When to Mask-Up 

As of Mar. 18, 2022, the CDC lifted the requirement that adults in childcare settings wear masks, but our pandemic experience has taught us the value of protecting others! When grown-ups have a sniffle, it's may not always be practical to cancel the day's activities, but it's very easy to cover our face, and keep our germs to ourselves. For whatever reason, we will continue welcome and support any teachers, parents, or kids over 2, who choose to wear a mask for their own health or others'. (Infants under 2 are prohibited from wearing a mask at daycare.)

For kids, two symptoms is too many

We know young children are prone to runny noses, especially while they develop immunities. One symptom of;

  • pain
  • runny nose
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • sneezing
  • fever of 38 or higher
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • headache

... ahem...

One symptom, in isolation, is likely an anomaly. Maybe children are teething, or adjusting to a new environment.

Two or more of the above is too many. Please stay home until 24 hours after symptoms abate

Cancellations due to illness can be made with as little as one hour's notice, by calling the centre after 8:45am, or with 12 hour's notice online (don't forget to email us to let us know cancellation was due to illness). The hours will be returned to your account and transferred at the the end of the month without penalty.