How It Works

Three Chances to Book

As little as one hour's notice,

or 2 months in advance

Cancelations are one hour's notice, too!

This fall, at Storybook, we are accepting a maximum of 12 children/hour:

  1. At the beginning of the month, 2 months in advance, 8 spots are available for each hour of the day. 
  2. At 6am, 2 days in advance, 2 more spots are released. 
  3. 1 - 2 spots are reserved for day-of emergencies and late pickups - only available by phone. Call as early as 8:45am to enquire.

Your best option for getting your visit confirmed is to book the hours that are available, and check back. If it's more than 2 days ahead, set the alarm clock for 6am, two days in advance, to catch the second wave and fill in the rest! Other members may also cancel their bookings at any time, so your spot could become available any time, but ...

On the day, before we print the daily list, we look for visits with gaps, and try to fill them in.

We will always try to book in a second sibling first, and then we look for gaps in all day visits, but if you have an emergency, give us a call. 

New for COVID: The website now requires 12 hours notice for bookings and cancellations, but that doesn't mean we don't have space! For changes to day-of reservations, families can call 604-559-8494 (with one hour's notice), unless it's just a one-hour extension. Children remaining in the centre after 10 past their pickup hour will automatically be booked into the next hour.

We are not be able to guarantee bookings or cancellations via text, answering machine message, or email. Please just call again 🙂

Now that you know when you're coming, read more about what to bring.

Packing your Buddy Bag