How It Works

How much it costs

Licensed Flexible Daycare in Vancouver!

Work commitments and family obligations come when they come, so Buddings members schedule their childcare when they need it. Your monthly membership fees pays for the venue, account maintenance (inc. annual tax deductible summaries), and general overhead.

Membership is per family (not per child), deducted from a credit card on the 25th of the month, for the next month:

Regular Membership: $80/mo. for daycare or $40/mo. for after school care

  • Buy and book your hours online. Up to 3 months in advance
  • Transfer hours between centres, children, or month, with a 2-hour fee

Benefits Membership: $115/mo. for daycare or $55/mo. for after school care

  • Maximum hours credited to your account(s) on the 25th of the previous month
  • Pay for what you use. Charged to the card on file on the 1st of the month.
  • No admin fees! 🙂

Adding, switching, and cancelling accounts is easy!

Hours at Buddings are spent in bright, developmentally-appropriate playspaces for children from 18 months to kindergarten, with a maximum supervision ration of 1:4 (it’s usually less!), and an educational component based on sustainable environmental and societal values. Our teachers are amazing!

Plus, the more you attend, they cheaper they are – as little as $18/hour!

12 hours – $240 (3hrs./week)

24 hours – $456 (2 x 3hrs./week)

36 hours – $648 (~9hrs./week)

Does Buddings accept subsidies?

Our Occasional License isn’t eligible for any form of financial relief. No subsidies for families, no operating fund grants, and most recently, none of the provincial childcare support announced for the COVID-19 pandemic.

If this seems discriminatory, please add your name to our petition to the BC Government to recognize Flexible Care with a license that meets families’ needs.

How does the membership fee work?

Registered families activate accounts by paying a monthly membership fee, which is billed on a recurring basis on the 25th of the month, for the following month.

Ex: May 25 for June membership.

To cancel, families submit a Change Form to membership@buddings.ca by the 15th of the month, for changes to take effect at the end of the month.

Ex: May 15 to cancel for June.

Why are membership fees different per centre?

The membership fees help cover our overhead costs, which vary by centre. Broadway is bigger, more convenient, and charges us for parking.

Read more about our Payment Policies, here.