How It Works

Payment Policies

Your active membership provides access to the online booking calendar, hours purchasing, and all your records – any time. Receipts are also emailed to the address on file and tax summaries are issued in February.

Monthly Billing

Membership fees are billed to the credit card on file on the 25th of the month, for the next month.

Hours are “Go as you pay”

Flexible daycare covers structure and spontaneity. Purchase hours at the beginning of the month, and book them up, or take it day by day. Change, cancel, extend, etc., all with one hour’s notice – to a maximum of 40 per month per child, per centre.

While we encourage families to use the hours they buy within the calendar month, we recognize that plans do change. Since hours can be moved forward into later months, we do not issue refunds for unused hours.

Transferring Hours – 2 hr. fee

Hours at Buddings are allocated for the month, child, and centre for which they were purchased, and we hope that families can use them, but if they must be moved, we can do for a 2 hr. fee.

Any remaining in your account at the end of the month are credited to the next month’s account on the 1st of the month, minus 2.

Please email us if you know you will have hours leftover so we can apply them as soon as possible. We apply them on the 1st. If you need to make a booking on the 1st, especially for the morning, please purchase the hours.

The 2-hour deduction is waived if you carried hours due to child (or parent) sickness. 🙁

Email us, and get well soon.

Buddings hours are 80 mins. long!

Bookings are for a minimum of one hour, and you also get 10 mins. on either side – from 10 to, until 10 past – for pick-up and drop-off.

After 10 past, we’ll book you in for the next hour – no need to call! We always keep a spot for late pick-ups and day-of emergencies, so stop stressing in traffic, and go grab a coffee. We know we’ll see you soon!

Snacks and “Extra Hours”

When booking into our snack hours (10am and 3pm), you can opt into our daily snacks – for a $2 fee; or bring one from home .

Staff can also add hours to your account, by request, or to cover a late pick-up, that you can sign for and pay with your next membership fee.

Cancelling Hours

Until we hear otherwise, if your child is booked in, we assume you are on your way. You can cancel bookings online, or by calling the centre on the day, with at least 1 hour’s notice. We cannot accept cancellations via email or voice mail.


Membership continues monthly until we receive a Switch/Exit form. Switching membership types, and exiting, can be done anytime, by submitting the form to info@buddings.ca by the 15th of the month.

Make the most of your membership: attend twice a week!