BKC Spring 2019

Arts Club Visit! – Field Trip duirng Musically Me class –

We visited BMO Theatre....twice!!


That's what I usually tell everyone...but where do you imagine if I ask you "Where can we see the professional singers?"




OK!! Shall we visit the theatre as our Musically Adventure for this season?

We visited BMO Theatre Centre twice for this season.


Kecan and Hila did great workshop for us!

At the BMO Theatre, very thoughtful stuffs Kevan and Hila did tour for us.

They showed us not only the theatre also backstage, office, special art room where the artist make costumes, and more places!! 

They even did a few activities for our buddies by playing the piano! Our little buddies appeared to be quite excited by jumping, crawling, running along with the music Kevan played! 

Guessing the emotion game seemed fun for the big kids friends! Showing facial expression each other made them laugh a lot and we could even connect to the music by playing various kinds of melody and let them feel different according to each melody. I was actually inspired me a lot by their activities.  Can't wait to try some on my own class! 

What was another adventure?

Kevan and Hila at Arts Club were very kind and supportive.

They actually scheduled another special field trip to the theatre located in Granville Island for April.


Off we went to Wonderland!

I felt like that I came into "WONDER LAND" when I first saw the Carpentry Shop which Arts Club owns in the Granville Island.

That place was filled with beautiful arts I've never seen before!

The ceiling was super high and walls were covered with creative pictures which were used for play in the theatre before.

Our little buddies looked very excited when they saw the fake food arts which are all used for play. 

I personally loved giant sausage  which the way bigger than one of our little buddies. Huge cakes, cups, glasses, lollipops and more!! I was always dreaming of giant snacks when I was a child. I seems our little buddies were also dreaming that moment and one of them kept holding the giant lollipop which is much taller than her with grin. 

Making great relationship give us more opportunities to see new world!

It is very grateful to foster great relationship with the other community and it gives children(even teachers) opportunity to see new things.

I really appreciate that I have met Kevan who gave us the opportunity last year.

It is wonderful that we still keep in touch and the keep opening the door for our buddies. 

I would love to keep trying to connect more people in the new community so that we can bring new experience to our little buddies!


Come join our Big Kids Club!

Let's enjoy Spring together!