BKC Summer 2018

BKC Storybook Mornings: Book Nook!

Find a corner, grab a book,

Storybook presents, Book Nook!

But what's a nook? Read on and you will see...

Book Nook is the class each child will plea! 


What is the Book Nook?

Inspired by the desire to introduce Budding's newest centre to it's current members and new neighbourhood, we created Book Nook, inspired by Storybook! 

What is the class all about?

Book Nook is a BKC MORNING (You read that right) literary and art program that introduces all time best-selling books! It is a class designed to enhance literary, and social development while practicing art techniques.

It's happening on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 - 12 pm.

From Pete the Cat I love my white shoes, to Raffi's Baby Beluga, this class will surely make our preschooler and morning toddlers excited to tell you all about their mornings... and show off their art work too!

Oh how convenient, we're right beside the home for the dictionary! 

This class also presents, walks to the Vancouver Public Library!

Rhyming is fun! (And I'm a big fan of Dr. Seuss) 

Join our BKC at Storybook from 9 - 12 pm! -euss..