BKC Fall 2018

Buddings Broadway and Storybook are Painting the Fall!

Why Artful Fall ?

I grew up in Catalunya surrounded by art. One of my favorite memories when I was a child was when we celebrated Joan Miró's 100th birthday anniversary in 1993. I was six years old at that time and I remember that we learned about his life and painted the schoolyard based on his most popular paintings. It was so much fun! This experience is what inspired me to do this fall's Big Kids Club. It's also been a year since I've been back home and I'm excited to dive into the nostalgia of my culture and share it with our Big Kids.


This fall we will explore the stunning creations of artists like Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudí. We will work around a range of colors, light and shapes and talk about their lifestyle and culture. Let's introduce the kids the vocabulary of art!

We will compare their abstract paintings with reality and discover the similarities.

Different sizes, different shapes, different distances, different lines, different spaces, different tones, different dimensions, different quantities, different colours... New perceptions.

I am excited to mix music and art like we did in our summer's Big Kids Club "Classic Music" and ask our Big Kids what they think these paintings sound like? What do you think this music looks like?

Art is important!

We have to encourage our kids to explore new worlds, unique views and vocabulary. It's incredible to think about what influenced us when we were kids! The more chances that we have to discover new things, the more chances that we will have to spread out our imagination and knowledge. Because anything that looks complex is built up of simplicity and common sense.

Involving our kids in the language of art works to increase their attention and concentration. It helps mental reasoning, orientation, expands new ways of expression and of understanding emotions. Art benefits the development of fine motor skills, those small muscles in the fingers, hands and forearms.

Art is a door to creativity and the benefits are boundless.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. - Pablo Picasso -

We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesdays at Buddings on Broadway and Wednesdays at Storybook Buddings!