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Changes Coming in 2024

Our Buddings story in 2023 had twists we didn't imagine this time last year. We had to make huge decisions, and changes, fast - to keep up with a changed business/childcare/...world. Everyone did.

We made it through to 2024, with staff, social educational programs, and a safe, licensed location to share, whose costs are all rising. To see 2025, (unsubsidized) small businesses rely on sales, so we're making adjustments for the trends. 

Lessons from 2023:

Cutting back on extras

Our flexible care has always been a convenient way for families to use only what they need - to save money, and waste less time. That's the point! 

In 2023, our Benefits Membership was a high-service option for a higher membership fee ~ $95/mo. But participation has dropped over the year, and our Do It Yourself option is more in keeping with the times.

Effective Jan. 25, 2024, Occasional Care membership fees will all be $65/month, and School Kids membership will be the same as 2023, $40. 

Fewer, shorter visits

We priced our After School Program to run for 3 hours each day, but when families have hourly options, they don't always stay for the whole afternoon. That's flexibility, baby!

Our Occasional care hours are often busy in the morning, and quiet later in the day. But the teachers are working the whole shift. In both cases, to cover the program costs, and accommodate 1- and 2-hour bookings, we need to raise the price of hours to account for the smaller usage.

As of Feb. 1, 2024

Occasional Hours will increase by $2/hour, for a range from $20 - $24/hour.

School Age Program hour packages under 24 hours/month will be $15/hour.

Value for Commitment

When families are looking for a more consistent relationship with the teachers and daycare, it gives us more stability, helps kids adjust more smoothly (and learn more!), and gives parents a break as well. We do need to raise the fees, but we can offer commitment discounts when families sign up for more hours.

For toddlers and preschoolers who attend 40hours/month, we can't give you more hours, so we'll waive your next month membership fee - save $65!

For elementary school families attending at least 65 hours a month, we will continue to offer $10/hour packages that can be used within the calendar month, or transferred to future months at the regular rate.

Do more with less

When we were two centres, and a staff of 14, we did a lot! Back in 2022...¸

Now, with our Occasional Program, and School Age Program under one roof, our MUCH-smaller team has a much easier time of scheduling staff, covering hours, and creating amazing programs. The teachers love helping children grow, and there are so many friends and experiences available - on a flexible hourly basis! Come as much as you want! 

Or, help us out, and come a bit more to get a cheaper price.

Storybook Buddings is an enriching, safe, social experience for children from 18 months to 12 years, and we want to remain a relevant part of the community.

In 2024, we're looking for new ways to be of use, including venue rentals for parties, evening club activities, and of course, flexible childcare. We're putting plans in place, and learning as we go. 

Thank you for sharing the adventure.