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Summer Party – Clean and Green! July 21, 2019

China is rocking the world!

In Jan. 2018, China introduced the National Sword Policy, effectively refusing to continue to accept the world's plastic, and reducing the level of acceptable "contamination" in other materials from 5 - 10% to less than 1%. 

What that means in Vancouver, is that recycling collection workers have become a lot more stringent about the contents of blue bins, leaving containers that contain contamination curbside.

And declining to collect soft plastic at all.

On July 21, we invite YOU to help US, do something about it!

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

You can have fun without plastic!

Bubbles are fun! And biodegradable!

Watermelon carving is fun! And compostable! 

And EDIBLE! With zero-waste, and a yummy taste! 

Recycling plastic, including food pouches and lunch-time disposables, is fun too! 


Bring us your pouches!

Since Oct. 2017, Buddings has diverted more than 100lbs of foil-lined plastics in the form of children's food pouches away from landfills, and into park benches, polyester fabric, and other uses, through the Terracycle pouch recycling program. After this party, we plan to send another 100lbs! 

Bring your pouches to the party and add them to the mountain. They ship for free, and we get fundraising points for every pouch! 


It's better together!

With help from the Vancouver Neighbourhood Small Grants program, our new friends at Green Coast Rubbish, and businesses of the King Edward Village complex, we're making recycling a party! 

Music! Facepainting! And guilt-free disposal of small household recyclables that don't get processed curbside:

  • Soft Plastics
  • Lightbulbs
  • Batteries
  • Small appliances
  • Paint
  • Electronics, and more!

The Green Coast bins accept it all, and their awesome party partnership means we can do our part, too! 


Win a $300 value sustainable gift from Buddings!

Did you hear about our Sustainable Summer Adventure challenge? Well to make Recycling easier, when you come to the party and drop off a recyclable, you'll get an extra entry to win a $100 gift card to The Observatory Restaurant at Grouse mountain, and 6 hours of Saturday-care at Buddings Broadway for kids ages 18month - end of kindergarten. 

More details at http://buddings.ca/sustainable-summer-adventures-2019!

On July 21, you're invited to help save the world!

Stop by the Storybook Buddings to play a part, have a blast, and make the world a better place...

... because we live here!