Shiori Takebuchi saves the day, everyday!

Shiori Takebuchi first came to Vancouver with her Early Childhood Educator program through Felicia College, in Tokyo, Japan. They toured our Broadway centre back in 2021 to get a feel for Canadian childcare programs. Already a licensed teacher in Japan, what she saw at Buddings inspired her to return to Canada as soon as she could. She completed her training with the school's Canadian partner, Sprott Shaw College in 2022.

She was able to get a 1-year working VISA for 2023, so when she got in touch with us, we were thrilled to have her HUGE enthusiasm and talents and experience for the year. Even more so, this fall, when we could support her to extend it for two more years! We'd keep her forever! 

Shiori is a ray of sunshine, a rainbow of creativity, and best, best, best of all, she is a natural when it comes to guiding children with respect and positivity. 

Find her bright smile in the afternoons, when she supervises the schoolage program, or online at shiori@buddings.ca.