BKC Spring 2018

Thursday Big Kids Club!

As activities for Thursday Big Kids Club, we have been focusing on acting along the stories from March.

From the end of April, we started acting along with the real life such as becoming Pizzeria, Florist, and Ice Cream shop!  As activities, not only acting our little buddies used lots fine motor skills to make their own props such as apron, flowers, ice cream( play dough made with flour, water, salt and food coloring).


As Field Trip, we went to Kidsbooks and Red Gate Revue Stage!

Kidsbooks let our little buddies excited about exploring lots of different types of books, and Red Gate Revue Stage encouraged them to perform themselves on the big stage! Both days turned to such great weather and we all enjoyed playing under the sun after exploration! 


Spring season will be done in the end of this month. What should we do on the very last day of Thursday Dramatic Play Class? Stay tuned!