Winter is here!!

Fall is over and Winter is coming!! But don’t worry, Buddings is the warmest place in the city! Always filled with fun and new learnings. Let’s think about how we can take care of our health and our earth this winter. A Healthy world makes healthy kids 🙂

Science Monday

What better way to start off the week than Ayumi’s science class on Mondays! It always brings a joy to our face and we look forward to it each week!

Weather is changing and sometimes we have no choice but to stay inside.

With the temperature dropping, let’s stay warm and learn about science. 

Dream big, Experiment Bigger!!

World culture

Different cultural events are happening all around us and we might not even notice. 

At Buddings we will be traveling around the world to learn more about how different parts of the world celebrate their cultures.

Including all the different types of food, which we will learn about with tacher Shiori's world snack project! 

Share your event that you celebrate with your family to your friends and teachers!

Warm up with snack

Are you tired of wearing 15 layers of clothes? 

Do you know what types of food can keep our bodies warm?

Not only soup or hot chocolate but, winter vegetables and some spices can play a big role in keeping us warm too.. That’s powerful! 

Learning about food is a way for kids to be aware of the good things that are going into their bodies.

Join Buddings on Tuesdays to learn more about food's power! 

[If you have a good warm snack recipe, please let us know!!]


Keep warm Save green

Warm up your body and stay healthy, but what about earth’s health? 

What is considered healthy for the earth? 

How can we warm up our body without over using a heater? 

How did people who lived a long time ago keep their bodies warm without using a heater?

Let’s learn together and go green!! 


Along with everyone's favorite outdoor adventures, field trips are happening during the winter break, along with all day kindercare being available!

Field trips help spark curiosity! Let’s go outside of Buddings, and explore! 

Please check our calendar and look for our field trip icon to figure out which day we are heading out.


To read more about all day Kindergarten care, please check out Lynn’s blog post herePlease book your kid for making happy winter memories with friends and teachers!!