BKC Fall 2019

BKC Presents: Autumn Top Ten 2019

New season, new theme: Autumn Top 10!

Fall is the best season to track the greatest hits of the year and all the teachers are excited to share their personal selections with the Big Kids!
We are also very excited to welcome Harumi Burritt, Yvette Pamplona, Karth SuthendranMasami Hayano, and Johanna Robert to the BKC Team! The new teachers will be partnering with our Buddings master teachers the first two months of the season and they will be leading the class on their own afterwards. 
Scroll down and check out the schedule and tandems for the Autumn Top 10 programs!

What is Big Kids Club's Autumn Top 10 2019?

Every afternoon, from September until November, our teachers count down a structured educational program called Autumn Top 10!

Through sharing and team work, Big Kids Club enhances overall social development, and when children attend twice a week, they practice the rhythms and routines they'll need in kindergarten:

  • Cleaning up
  • Sitting for circle time 
  • Story time amongst peers and teachers 
  • Music and songs 
  • Art projects
  • Science experiments 
  • Weekly field trips around greater Vancouver
  • Sharing and reflecting
  • .... and much more!

Weekday classes run from 1 - 4 pm everyday at Broadway and Storybook, and develop over the 13-week season. Sign up for your favourite classes every week, or mix and match across the board. 

Mondays: DIY Toys for Outside with Tomomi and Harumi

Do It Yourself! Tomomi shares the magic of building and creating toys! There are 10 challenges waiting to be overcome with the most authentic ideas, designs, and crafts! 

Mondays: Things to learn from books with Talia and Johanna

Go beyond the letters and pictures with Talia and Johanna, as each week, the day’s books reveal something surprising about the world. Discover the writers and illustrators who changed literature, and inspired films ~ at Storybook.

Tuesdays: Medieval Facts with Aïda

Witches, castles, dragons, traditions, mysteries, and more! Travel through time to the middle age with Aïda  and explore the most interesting facts about the medieval civilizations! Get ready to be bewitched and have fun every week! 

Tuesdays: Raffi’s Top 10 with Ehlssie

Are Baby BelugaBanana Phone, or Shake my sillies out?, on Ehlssie's Top 10 list? Find out which songs belong to this season soundtrack and let's dance, sing, and learn about this iconic children's musician! 

Wednesdays: Fall family recipes with Anna and Yvette

Fall is the season when a range of fruits and vegetables are the main ingredients of the most delicious and cozy recipes. Join Anna and Yvette and find out which are tricks, and which are treats, in the Buddings Broadway kitchen! 

Wednesdays: Friendly monsters with Kezia


Monsters can be very friendly and Kezia collected the best examples! Come and join her class at Storybook and meet the most extraordinary, funny, and fabulous creatures you have ever seen! 

Thursdays: Top 10 numbers with Sarah

Math is a problem solving art! Numbers are everywhere and give us all the answers that we need. Sarah shares the secrets behind each one and she planned the best numeral adventure of all time!

Thursdays: Top 10 Dinosaurs with Karth and Aïda

Kids love dinosaurs and things that fly, swim, or make weird noises! Karth brings a mixture of sounds and textures to show the kids how the dinosaurs might have felt and sounded, how the world might have been, and how it changes. 

Fridays: Japanese Things with Ayumi and Masami

The 2020 Olympics will be in Japan, and there is so much to learn, and love, about this country! Ayumi and Masami introduce foods, sports, children's books, and show the kids how to make traditional instruments. Visit Japan every week at Broadway!

Fridays: DIY Toys for Outside with Tomomi

Do It Yourself! Tomomi shares the magic of building and creating toys! There are 10 challenges waiting to be overcome with the most authentic ideas, designs, and crafts! 

Saturdays: Top 10 Pets with Florence

On Saturdays, Florence and the kids take care of the Buddings pets. Between her degree in nutrition, and experience in a pet store, she teaches us how important healthy diets, environments, and grooming are for animals... and people. Top Ten Pets, here we go!