BKC Spring 2019

BKC Presents: Rainbow Spring 2019

What is Big Kids Club's Rainbow Spring 2019?

Every afternoon, from March until May, our teachers present a structured educational program full of colour, called Rainbow Spring! 


Through sharing and team work, Big Kids Club enhances overall social development, and when children attend twice a week, they practice the rhythms and routines they'll need in kindergarten:

  • Cleaning up
  • Setting for circle time 
  • Story sharing time between peers and teachers 
  • Music and songs 
  • Art projects
  • Science experiments 
  • Weekly fieldtrips around greater Vancouver
  • Sharing and reflecting
  • .... and much more!

Weekday classes run from 1 - 4 pm everyday at Broadway and Storybook, and develop over the 12-week season. Sign up for your favourite classes every week, or mix and match across the board. 

Read below for class details! 

Mondays: Spring in Europe with Anna

During our Spring season, teacher Anna takes us back to Europe for some cultural explorations!

Europe is filled with spring celebrations, so teacher Anna will reveal some of the most exciting traditions and customs these countries have to offer!


Mondays: Historical Art Party with Dana

We welcome Dana in her first Big Kids Club season as she hosts an Art Party at Storybook every Monday!

Dana believes that visual arts are essential for the developmental growth of our Big Kids! So this spring, Dana will introduce different art techniques and tools to promote creativity and self expression through art. 


Tuesdays: Civilizations: Greece with Aida

 For the spring season, Aida's historical series continues with explorations about Greece! 

Civilizations is a year long program that will dive into the ancient world of Egypt, Greece and Rome during the middle ages. Don't miss out because this season will be all about Greece's temples, agora, ceramics, and philosophies!

Tuesdays: Life Cycles with Ehlssie

 This season, Ehlssie brings in the scientific "whys" of spring creatures as we learn about their Life Cycles!

Join us at Storybook as we unveil the life processes of salmon, frogs, and butterfllies too, through art projects, experiments, and fieldtrips to see these creatures in person! 

Wednesdays: Jobs and Occupations with Ayumi

This season, Ayumi takes us to the world of grown ups through Jobs and Occupations!

Through stories, pretend play, and field trips, Ayumi will teach us all about the significance of important occupations in society. 


Wednesdays: Green Eggs and Ham with Chelsea

 Chelsea bring the literary world of Dr. Seuss in her class called Green Eggs and Ham! 

Through creative arts the big kids will move their bodies, participate in stimulating games, and have a chance every week to express themselves creatively. Music! Colors! Puppets! Don't miss out!

Thursdays: Rainbow Robots with Sarah

This season Sarah is back as a Big Kids Club at Broadway, and she's bringing some physics fun with her in her class called Rainbow Robots!

In this class, our Big Kids will learn how to make simple machines or everyday objects, such as scissors, seesaws, bicycles, and more! 

Thursdays: All Things Grow with Kezia

In this BKC class, Kezia and her big kids will be digging into the plant world!

In this class, our Big Kids will have the chance to explore the essential elements needed to make plants grow.. and grow.. and GROW! 

Fridays: Musically Me by Tomomi

Tomomi sings in the choir and this season, she brings her musical passion to her Big Kids Club class called Musically Me! 

In this class, our Big Kids will learn all about notes, rhythm, and beats. Not only this, but there will be musical games and DIY musical instrument projects too! 

Fridays: The Bird Show with Talia

Spring is all about melted snow, flowers growing, and birds singing! In fact, Talia's class discovers birds are the perfect ... people? to teach us about the season. They have a lot to say!

Join us on Fridays as we interview friends, neighbours, people, and some animals, about what they love about spring, how they feel, and especially, anything they know about birds. For a talk show!

The Bird Show - with special guests!