BKC Spring 2018

Thursday Big Kids Club! – Field Trip to BMO Theatre Centre –


"3 2 1, Action!" Thursday Big Kids Club enhance children's development on imagination and expressing themselves through Dramatic Play!


On March 22nd, we visited  "BMO Theatre Center" as a field Trip. We had such a meaningful time with kind staff there. We explored in the backside of the theatre and even visited some offices where people make props, music or all the things for Play!


In the end of the day, Wonderful staffs Becky, Kevan and Kerri did some activities for our buddies.  They all enjoyed dancing with cheerful sound of piano, face expression game, acting like animals and more!


Actually we are going to visit another theatre “Red Gate Revue Stage” in Granville Island on May 10th!! Please come join Thursday Big Kids Club and don’t miss this special event!