We have a pet

We have a pet! Lots of pets…

On Saturdays this spring at Broadway, the kids and teachers are learning about animals!

We recently adopted a guinea pig, and here’s what we’ve learned so far:

  • He eats carrots and hay (“and so do horses” adds Frankie).
  • He is really friendly and nice, and he snuffles when he’s happy.
  • His house has two levels and he can climb the little stairs.

There are a lot of videos and information, but some is conflicting.

  1. Do Guinea pigs need to take baths? Some sites say yes, and some say bathing them can reduce the oils in their fur.
  2. Do Guinea pigs get lonely? In Switzerland, it’s illegal to own just one!

To answer our questions, we’re taking this class on the road; visiting a groomer, a vet, and several different pet stores.

And since we’re fieldtripping every week, and so far it’s been beautiful, it’s also a celebration of spring!

Join Anna, Ayumi, and me, Saturdays all through the spring as we explore the world of creatures, and especially all about Guinea Pigs!