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Buddings Presents: Zero Waste Spring

It's a Zero-Waste Year!

The year is 2021. The global pandemic has shown us how interconnected our world has become, and how technology, and innovation, can help us solve real world problems. How magic happens when we work together.

At Buddings, we know children learn through their experiences. And we believe the climate emergency is the next big thing. To know the world is to love it, and if we want our buddies to be the change we all want to see, we know we'll have to lead by example. The tools are all around us!

But before we can "start over" we need to get clear of the stuff we already have! 

That's why we're committing our 2021 programming to finding ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste AWAY from landfills and reservoirs and TOWARDS beautiful art, creative solutions, and open-minds.

Bitten off more than we can chew? 

You know it! 

But the time is now, and the whole journey begins with one small step. Join us from Mar. 1 to May 28, for our daycares' presentation of Zero Waste Spring. 

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The Big Kids World!

Every season, our teachers present a specially-structured educational program, to fit the social context. And this year, that means minimizing waste!

Through sharing and team work, children develop and practice the skills and habits they'll use in kindergarten (and forever):

  • Making introductions
  • Taking turns
  • Sitting for circle time
  • Using polite manners
  • Creative expression 
  • Spending time outside
  • Science experiments
  • Sharing and reflecting
  • .... and much more!

Daily themes guide our program:

Mondays - Animals in Spring

"What colour are foxes?"

Hmm... it depends on the season. Let's learn what happens to the animals in spring time!

Tuesdays - Caring for the Environment

It's a big job, but someone's gotta do it, and no one is more enthusiastic, creative, or compassionate than the preschoolers! This season, join the teachers each week as we learn all about the Zero Waste movement, and what we can do to save the world!

Wednesdays - Transportation

It's been a year of staying close to home, but cities offer a multitude of ways of getting around, no matter how far (or close) you're going! From electric bikes, to scooters, buses, planes, trains, and automobiles, to the internet! - not only do humans transport themselves, we bring the world closer and closer. Come explore! 

Thursdays - What we eat!

Eating together is the basis for so many traditions and celebrations. The food we eat excites the senses, and the tastebuds, teaches us about distant countries, and with one whiff, bring us straight back to home. Where it comes from, why we eat it, and what it means, are all asked and answered - on Thursdays!

Fridays - Do it yourself

We need beeswax bags, so we can shop plastic-free. And since we've been trying this plastic-free concentrated soap company, we have all these beeswax tubes...

Let's make our own! 

Let's fix our own clothes, create our own cars, and meet the people inventing solutions for the world's problems! Get ready to take charge, on Fridays!

We are looking forward to seeing you at Storybook and Buddings Broadway!