BKC Winter 2019

Collaboration of “Good food” and “Exercise” !! -take you to the healthy world-

Cooking with children defenitely encourage them to eat well !!

One day, I made guacamole in the class with our little buddies. 

Our little chefs appeared to enjoy all the process of cooking by taking turn to mash avocados and even putting some seasoning.  We all enjoyed tasting home-made guacamole together at the snack time.

A week after, one of the mothers told me...


"She didn't really like guacamole before but she eats it since that day!"


This is the best scenario! I was very impressed when she shared this story and made me realize that it worth cooking with children daily.  Children love helping and trying.  During cooking time, I also saw them taking turn to use the tool very naturally.   

Mashing Avocado!

putting some rasins on the sweet potato !!

Washing the rice for Sushi Roll !!

There are various ways to move our bodies!

To maintain good health, exercise can be the perfect partner with the good food.

Climbing up the mountain(piling up multiple cushions) was actually such a hit for our buddies!

They appeared never get bored playing on that! 

It is very simple activity but, children use all of their bodies through out this activity.


Not just for fun, you can even give them challenges!

"Let's try go up on arms! "

"Can you go up on your bottom?" 

"Who can go under this small tunnel?"

I tried it with them and sweat so much and ended up putting only T-shirt on me even it was snowy outside!

We also used our whole bodies by acting like animals! 

Hopping like a bunny, Sidewinding like a snake, walk on four like a bear....etc....

You will feel how much you use your body when you try those actions!


Game is the best way for learning!

Let me introduce one simple game for children.

This game enhances not only their physical skill but also their intellectual skill and even social skill!

1.Prepare the cards which has different colors on each side( I chose white and orange for my class)

2.Divide children into two teams(White or Orange).

3.Set all the cards on the floor so that there are same numbers of cards on each color.

4.Let all the children flip the card according to their team color while the teacher is counting up to 30.

( if the child is on orange team, he/she flips the white card so that it can change it into orange)

5.The team which has more cards(their own team color) win!

Engaging children's play is essential for their growth!

Before playing, children need to understand the rule which enhance their intellectual skill.

While playing, children move out their bodies which enhance their physical skill.

After playing, children share the happy moment or even care about another team which lost. In the class, we all said "great job" to each other no matter they won or lost.  They also cheered up each other through the game.

Our buddies have been fostering friendship through out the game. 

When we played this game, teacher Sarah and Aida joined as a team leader on each team.  Children sometimes get encouraged or excited more when teachers(or adults) involve their play... especially when doing the game! It was such a great time when we all shared happy moment. We laughed a lot together and I believe it helps us to have healthy mind!

Learn some food groups!

In the middle of this season, our buddies also started leaning about the food groups.

They learnt ...





As a last food group, I will introduce our buddies


to wrap up "Health is Wealth" class! Stay tuned! 

I let the buddies to try to think which food belongs to which food group on each class.

This activity seems to be one of their favorite time. I've been impressed almost 10 children engage this activity and can be very concentrated on it.  

Some children who attends every week remembers things quite well.

It makes me realize...


Repetition and consistency is the key for learning!  

Attending the class consistently has such a great influence!  


Please come join our Big Kids Club! Let's have fun and learn together!

  We are always happy to share the moment with you!