BKC Spring 2019

Art is smart

Beside flexibility and rich educational program that Buddings offer, we always try to let children choose an activity they like and enjoy.

Great thing is that teachers have the same opportunity as well 🙂

When it comes to our  Big Kids Club program planning, we can always teach children the theme we are most passionate about .  Beacuse of various educational backround and hobbies all teachers have, it is usually easy to find a combination of both: Important subjects to learn and having a great time through play and fun. 

And our Art Therapy Big Kids Club is just like that!

Self Portrait-Oil pastel on paper

Self Portrait-Oil pastel on paper

"Look teacher Anna! I look like a vegetable on my picture.":)

Therapy. That word may sound so "medical" ,but sometimes the best therapy can be a simple nice word or smile of your happy child. Starting from the drawing they can take home, to projects they did together, children are creating beautiful art pieces.

Using an old projector screen as reusable canvas....

During our classes we tried different art techniques and metarials.

Very popular was fabric paint but also this large piece of discarded projector screen that can be cleaned and used again as much as we want.

Homemade modeling clay

Would you like to make it at home? We tried and it worked well. Easy way be friendly to our planet too:) Let us share this great recipe with you. 


Free in Art

During the Art Therapy  I always offer materials, colours and present my ideas but then children are free to paint or draw what they want and how they want.  Giving a freedom in art encourages their imagination and joy of creativity.

The best thing about children's art is originality in every single piece with no judgement...

Would you like to create some more art with us?

Come join our classes every Thursday afternoon at Storybook Buddings

Looking forward to see you.

Teacher Anna.