BKC Fall 2018

Dig Deep Every Monday at Storybook!

Who doesn't love Dinosaurs?

Isn't it fascinating how kids are so drawn to these prehistoric animals? We know so many buddies who can name more Dinosaur species than their family members !

What a perfect topic to fall in love with, and to help us fall in love with our beautiful Earth ! It's difficult for us to save something we don't care about, and it's definitely more difficult for us to care about something we don't know of. What better way to learn than through your favorite interests!

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce our buddies to current world issues such as Co2 emissions, endangered animals, and climate change, through imaginative scientific classes involving Dinosaurs, Pyramids and everything else we can dig up this fall <3

Let's learn from our past to create a better future!

Where do fossil fuels come from?

How did they build Mohenjo-daro?

What's inside a pyramid?

Can we really find art under ground? 



Join our expedition! Let's dig deep to find the answers on Mondays at Storybook at 1-4pm! 

(Shovels, Dirt and Dinosaurs provided) 😉

- K