BKC Summer 2018

European Stories

Enjoying our adventure with Hop around Europe Big Kids Club

We don’t even  use the map anymore as we get to know this continent so well:)
Our last visit was in Slovakia, small but beutiful country in the hearth of Europe with unique nature, mountains and the history. My home country:)
Did you know that Slovakia has 250 Castles? Did you ever try some Slovak food? “Ahoj”…….Can we say “Hi” in Slovak?
Children were so exited and of course they jumped right by our costume area and dressed up.
Following Slovak folk songs with musical instruments and having a little dance party was great too. Later after we baked traditional”Babovka cake”  for afternoon snack I asked all children if I can show them my special treasure from home.
A suitcase full of  Slovak storybooks………………
They all started to read them and stayed focused for so long. Just at that moment I realised the magic of  Universal language.
It was there every single class we had and it is right here at Buddings every day. There is no barriers between cultures, countries and languages for children when it comes to art, music, dance or games.
And this was one of my goals for this season: Learning about world around us and understanding each other. I got inspired by our children again and would like to continue with stories and role play in fall.
More about Dramatic play and Puppets coming soon:)
Teacher Anna