BKC Summer 2018

We love an adventure!

This summer, I’ve been in charge of Nature Adventure which is going on a fieldtrip every Wednesday. We have gone to a lot of places, and they all were so much fun and good opportunities to think about caring of the nature around us.

One day, I had planned to go to Queen Elizabeth Park. Then teacher Sarah suggested us to see a stinky flower ”Titan Arum” at Bloedel conservatory. It is a huge flower taller than our fieldtrippers. Then...I said ”Mmm, do you smell it?” "Umm, no..." Actually, it was not blooming yet, but we could see so many kinds of plants and birds which were interesting for all of us!

We also went to Grandview Park to do the nature crafts under the blue sky. We made some paper plates ornaments with branches, wood chips, or rocks. And I told them "What if there is no trees, or parks? We can’t play and make a craft like that, so we need to protect them. For that, we should try not to waste foods and some equipment like papers.” The kids also said ”That’s why we have the compost!” Yes! That's right. 

We have been enjoying the adventure and also learning how we live with nature together through my Big Kids Club. Thank you for joining and making it so much fun with us!

Our adventure keeps going on, and let's keep caring about the earth for each other!