BKC Fall 2018

Indigenous Animals: Continuous Learning


Sharing our world.

Learning from the values of Indigenous peoples of the 

Pacific North West Coast.



Native Peoples of the North West Coast

About 14,000 years ago, after the last ice age, societies established themselves in the very place we live in today (Vancouver). 

Their greatest skill was living off of the land, and embracing the natural world. 

Their main activities included hunting and gathering; they hunted salmon for food and used cedar wood to build homes and carve beautiful artwork. 

However, because of assimilation and westernisation, many cultural practices were destroyed. 

Learning from Indigenous Peoples

The Indigenous peoples of the North West Coast mastered the art of sharing our world. 

Learning from these values and traditions, we also explored what it means to give value, importance, respect, and recognition to those that surrounds us.

Starting with animals.

Throughout the season, we learn that we too can also practice and implement these important values.


Opening our eyes to different values

What we can take away from this class:

  1. Identification of Indigenous Animals in different art forms
  2. The significance of sharing our world with animals
  3. The importance of story telling in maintaining Indigenous culture
  4. Respect the natural world
  5. Learn that we share our world with animals and people.
  6. The celebration of cultural differences 


What's next?

Watch the space: Next season, we will be learning about everyday heroes.

Learn how we can make a positive impact in society!