BKC Healthy Beginnings 2019 Fieldtrips!


Toques, Gloves, and Scarves: It's always a good idea to keep these items in our back pack just in case it gets too cold outside to expose our bare fingers, neck, and head!

Coats: Please remember your coats for the field trip as many of our adventures involve braving the cold and wet Vancouver weather!

Appropriate shoes: We are still in Vancouver after all, and we will never know when Mr. cloud and rain will show themselves. Please bring your rain boots for those super tempting mud puddles!

Permission Form: When there is a field trip for the day, you will find a permission form next to the Sign In/Out Sheet. Please remember to write your child's name on the space provided, and provide your signature on the right hand side... the Buddings teachers will be there to remind you. 🙂

Mondays: Super Natures with Kezia

 Dec.10th: Why should we save a forest? Let's go to Burnaby Central Park to see how cool it can be 😀
Jan.21st: All about recycling while staying creative, we're going to Urban Source!
Feb.28th: Join us to Queen Elizabeth Park to learn all about teamwork!

Mondays: Looking Up with Talia and Sarah

Dec.3rd: We're climbing to the top of the VPL Central Branch to explore its new rooftop garden!

Jan.28th: Up, up we go...to the Vancouver Lookout!

Feb.25th: We'll turn our eyes to the sky to watch the take-offs and landings at YVR Airport.

Tuesdays: Civilizations: Egypt with Aïda

Dec.11 Field Trip to Nada Store ! Let's find the main Egyptian dietary ingredients 🙂 Free packing too! 

Jan.29 Field Trip to VPL and the Egypt explorations!

Feb.19 Field Trip to Granville Island to look for some egyptian treasures! 


Tuesdays: Everyday Heroes with Ehlssie

Dec. 1: Get your Firefighter hats ready for our fieldtrip to the Fire Station!

Jan. 15: Join us for a fieldtrip to the Police Station!

Feb. 12: Help us greet everyday heroes at the Vancouver General Hospital!

Wednesdays: Healthy Storytime with Ayumi

Dec. 19: Let's go see Christmas Gingerbread Lane at Hyatt Regancy.

Jan. 16: See some birds at Bloedel Conservatory!

Feb. 13: Taste Japanese treats at Granville Island!

Wednesdays: Civilizations: Egypt with Aïda

Dec.12 Field Trip to Nada Store ! Let's find the main Egyptian dietary ingredients 🙂 Free packing too! 

Jan.30 Field Trip to VPL and the Egypt explorations!

Feb.20 Field Trip to the Soap Dispensary and find out about the ancient egyptian cosmetics!

Thursdays: Health is Wealth with Tomomi

December 13th - Granville Island "Let's explore Market and buy fresh fruits!"

January 10th - City Farmer with guest-host Teacher Vicky!  "Let's learn about healthy food at the farm!"

February 7th - Storybook Buddings "Let's go join teacher Anna's Big Kids Club!"

Thursdays: Art Therapy with Anna

 January 31st.- Fieldtrip to Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver from Storybook Buddings
February 28th Visiting Fraser River Discovery Centre, New Westminster

Fridays: Begin Again with Chelsea

Friday December 7th - Outside Science World (viewing the wheel outside and the science world ball)
Friday January 4th - Vancouver Lookout 
Friday February 1st - David Lam Park

Fridays: French Class with Elsa

December 14 : The French Alliance of Vancouver

January 11 : Let's go shopping in French at the supermarket!

February 8 : Batard bakerie