Meeting Physical Needs

Check the physicals

When ordinarily happy children are crying "for no reason," most often, the reason is an unmet physical need. Did they sleep well? Have a light lunch?

Children's stomachs are the size of their fists, so a little food goes a long way, especially if it has healthy sugars to give kids energy to learn. They'll need it for our educational adventures!

Providing children with a variety of food options can encourage them to try new things, and when you sign up for our daycare snacks, we will always make sure to feed them until they are full. We have sit-down meal times every 2 hours when toys are "closed" and everyone sits for at least 20 minutes. We track what kids eat and how much, so we can pass along the info at the end of the visit.

Read about our Snack Policies here. If you're concerned about food intake, feel free to send all the favourites, and consider how they will eat it. Soup may not be a great choice for a toddler who would rather play. 😉

Similarly, a wet, stinky diaper will sour anyone's mood, and feeling tired drains the energy they need to learn. Teachers take children to the bathroom every 90 minutes, and more frequently if they are potty training. Naps at Buddings are by request, and we promise at least 30 minutes of rest, even if sleep eludes us. The more often we try, the more often we succeed. 

Our care routines, including handwashing, often become a comforting sequence that can calm children's minds and bodies, and we have videos on our website so you can make them part of your home life as well. 

Finally, good health plays an enormous role in brain development. Please do not bring your child to Buddings if they are not well. Children who become ill while in our care will need to be picked up as soon as possible. Find our sickness policies here