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Rental Space After Daycare Hours!

We are located at 1438 Cedar Cottage Mews ~

Is your child's birthday coming up or looking for a space to set up a play date? Do you need a space to study or have meetings? Maybe you want to set up a book club or need a space to host a get together on the weekends. 

Storybook Buddings Daycare is happy to announce that you can now rent our space after hours!

We are located in the heart of East Vancouver on Knight and Kingsway and people can book our space on the weekends from 9am - 10pm. 

Our space can host up to 25 people (adults and children)

Minimum booking is 2 hours.


Birthday Parties $100/hour

Adult Rental Space $50/hour 

Cleaning Fee $50

There must be an adult on the premises at all times. 

Celebration of Life!

Happy Happy Birthday!! 

When you book for a birthday party at Buddings, everything inside the centre is available to use including our kitchen appliances, toys, games, craft supplies, tables and speakers etc. 

Bookings are 2 hours minimum. Starting at $100/hour (plus $50 cleaning fee). 

A credit card may be requested to keep on file along with a 25% deposit is required upon booking, which will go towards your final bill.

If your child has been to Buddings, you may have experienced the "I'm not ready to leave yet" moment from your child.

The space can occupy up to 25 people (adults and children) and you will get the whole daycare to yourselves to spend time with special loved ones and friends! 

Everything the children know and love are included: toys, books, games, music. 

With adult supervision, you can use the kitchen appliances, speakers and projector.



Meeting Space for Adults

Not quite into toys and children books? 

Not a problem, you can use our space as a meeting spot, book club or study group space. 

Sometimes public meeting spaces are too crowded, loud, and have a short time limit. 

At Buddings, you will have the whole space to yourself, you can pick your favourite tunes, volume level and not get distracted by strangers. 

Storybook Buddings may be a child care centre, but we do provide adult tables and up to 15 chairs for moments like this (more is available upon request). We also have 2 sofa couches to lounge on. 

You will also have access to our kitchen, projector, wifi, and open concept space (even the toys/books/art cabinet if needed). 

Bookings are 2 hours minimum, starting rate is $50/hour

Cleaning fee can be waived if you are able to leave the place how you found it. 

How To Book??

Please email us at *Membership@Buddings.ca* with the following information to receive a quote.

  1. Date and time of your event (Minimum 2 hours bookings) 
  2. The reason for renting the space
  3. How many adults or children will there be
  4. If you would like to waive the cleaning fee (not available for birthday parties)

Once we receive all of the following information, we will contact you with a quote and request a credit card to keep on file as well as a 25% deposit (which will go towards your final bill). 

2 weeks before your event, you will receive an email from us regarding how to enter the space and a video of where everything can be found.