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Welcome To Buddings Family Community!

Good Bye to 2Loops Online Store!

We opened the 2Loops Family (online) Store during the pandemic to connect with families virtually with a way to recycle and reuse their children's items. When I took it over in 2022, as a daycare manager and also a mom, I started building 2Loops as a family community, and planing monthly real life events to bring us all together monthly.

It has been growing bigger and bigger with all your support, and seeing everyone each month has let us recycle, and reconnect, so we don't need the online store anymore. 

No Online Store But We Are Still Here For You!

Our events are an invitation to other businesses, coaches, and other children's services to share their stories with our community, and you can get our pre-loved items with affordable prices! Get in touch if you'd like to join us hosting an event!

All of the children's items are donated by families and neighbours.

Sized 0 - 5 years old.

Everything is $2-5.

Our community volunteers check the quality and for stains before they head to their new homes!

Want to be part of the movement? Email us at 2loops@buddings.ca to volunteer! 



Want to donate your "too-small" items?

Our next donation week is coming up!


We are planning the donation weeks from 

Monday, April 8 -  Thursday, April 25!

Book your donation here or with the QR code! Email us at membership@buddings.ca if you have any questions. 

Check our instagram to get the latest information as well!