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Safe and Social (distance) Daycare

First posted on Apr. 3, 2020 (updated Sept. 2, 2020)

Childcare in BC is an essential service, and Buddings has been operating under the pandemic since Apr. 7. We have prepared guidelines for families to keep themselves safe while attending our centre, and thank you for your cooperation and attention.

Let's stay safe, out there!

In countries and communities where social distancing and isolating strategies have been practiced, the virus is being contained. Canada was lucky to witness those successes, so we can adopt their techniques: Giving space and keeping clean, and STAYING HOME WHEN SICK.

Taking Turns

In order to limit the number of people in close proximity, we ask that families wait until the cubby area is empty before entering. Drop-off/pick-up times are from 10 minutes before, until 10 minutes each hour. We appreciate your time. When we know you're out there, we can prepare the children for a smooth departure.

A hand sanitizer station will be set up outside the centre door and handles and code punch buttons will be wiped down between uses. Please use the sanitizer before touching them.

"Goodbye" at the Gate

To keep drop-offs quick and orderly, and limit outside contaminants in the playspace, only children (with clean shoes) will come through the gate. A teacher will meet families there, accept water bottles and kits, and take children immediately to wash their hands.

A "goodbye" at the window can still be arranged, once hands are clean.

Please note: if children have been walking outside prior to arrival, please bring a pair of clean shoes to change into upon arrival. When you come back, please come to the gate so we can bring your buddy and their belongings to you there.

Health Check, 1, 2

Finally, while children and adults may be infected and asymptomatic, one sign of the virus is a fever. Please take your child's temperature before coming to daycare and make a note so you can sign a health declaration form upon arrival.

While we know that young children are prone to runny noses, at this time, we ask that everyone be extra mindful of coughs, and keep kids at home if they are not in excellent health. On the other hand, if you have been staying in for the last two weeks, washing your hands, and feeling fine, we are honoured to have you return.

Update - Sept. 2, 2020: Avoid sick people

The latest guidance for Childcare facilities, from the BC Centre for Disease Control, says:

There is no role for screening children or staff for specific symptoms, checking temperatures, or COVID-19 testing.
Such activities are reserved for health care professionals.

As such, we have removed the confirming temperature check from our protocols, but most of the rest of the routines are the same. 🙂

The daycare policies meet the goals in almost every way. We can all be proud of the care we've taken of each other at daycare, during this global situation. Thank you for your patience, and for your support. 

But province-wide, we're heading back up...

On Sept. 2, almost 100 new cases were confirmed in BC (just under 1.9% of tests conducted) - more than our highest peak back in April. Only those with symptoms will be tested, and self-isolation is recommended for anyone with even mild symptoms.

COVID-19 can be a complicating factor with other symptoms, and as more people return to schools, the potential for exposure is also increasing. Keeping away from others when we're sick prevents the spread of COVID, and it also keeps our colds and flus to ourselves. 

Please do not bring your child to Buddings if they are not in good health, regardless of the cause. 

Washing hands frequently, keeping distance from strangers, and avoiding sick people, seems too simple to be true, but they are TRULY the best way to stay healthy.