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SBK School Age Care in 2023

Storybook Afterschool Club from 3 - 6pm

Our Storybook centre at Knight and Kingsway, is nestled amongst half a dozen schools, nextdoor to the library, and local to hundreds of families with school age kids. 

In 2023, we look forward to introducing a new program for elementary kids that includes art, outings, science, and physical activity - weekdays from 3 - 6pm, and during school closures for children from 5 - 12 years.

Plus, it's flexible!

Registration details to come

We are planning to offer walking school pick up and drop-off for Selkirk Elementary and Annex, and are opening registration for the school age program when we hear more from licensing about when we will be able to start.

Families interested in keeping in touch can email us here.