Big Kids ClubBKC Winter 2020

Vision 20/20 blast off!

10 Unique Classes!

As a human beings, we create social and individual structures to evaluate or measure development and success. Since we are born, we are already defined by different theories that point out stages and phases of growth following determinate standards. Luckily, concepts such as intelligence and education are evolving beyond previous theories of intelligence and include other values that define our abilities and interests. 

Having a high IQ does not guarantee prosperity or full development of the person. There are different factors that influence us in our everyday lives and  the ways in which we overcome everyday challenges. The number of studies that support other kinds of intelligence have increased in recent years. The theory of the multiple intelligences proposed by the psychologist Howard Gardner is an example.

At Buddings, we offer a unique experience for our Big Kids! There are different themes, teachers, approaches and activities focused on the children's emotional, social and cognitive development. We are inclusive: our program is structured AND flexible it's diverse AND exclusive, it's indoors AND outdoors, it's based on the child AND the group development! We believe that communication is the key that strengthens consistency, motivation and improvement at all levels of interaction and in all contexts.

Join us this season again and let's keep growing experiences together!  

Seasonal Boards Contest!

This 20/20 season, teachers designed their own class poster for the whole season! Thank you teachers for dressing up our whiteboard at Broadway and our Storybook window!

Scrolled down to see the results and the winner!

🔎Observe & Report 📝, a class that combines science, sustainability, and...🎅! with Sarah

"⁣You see, Santa Claus is worried about the state of the North Pole. It's not as frosty as it used to be, and the glacier Santa calls home is melting bit by bit! Big Kids Club has a mission from the Grand Old Elf himself: help Santa keep the North Pole cold, and the sea ice frozen! ⠀
Each week, the kids will receive a letter from 🎅 asking them to solve a puzzle or conduct an experiment. After observing what happens, they will report back to Mr. Claus about what they learned." - Sarah

Welcome to Vision 20/20 Paper Big Kids Club with Harumi

 "For the first day of my class, Big kids made their handmade paper card! We used milk boxes which were in the recycling bin, we cut them in small pieces, blended it with water and dried out! Also Children decorated them with some lavenders and carnations beautifully. They worked amazingly well and enjoyed the whole process. We also tried to make colorful chains with origami paper. It was bit difficult for children to make a ring at the beginning but they enjoyed making it longer!" - Harumi


"Which animals do think have super powers? Which animals do you want your children to learn about ? Super Amazing Animals is an educational program to study about the super powers of animals, the food chain they have and how they influence our environment ." - Johanna 

Health is Wealth version 2 with Tomomi at Broadway Buddings

"This class is all about the nutrition! What do you want to put in your lunch box? Starting off with talking about our favorite food! Then off to cooking! Doesn't it seem nutritious? We need protein, grain, vegetable or fruits for each snack time! Cooking with children must encourage them to try new food!. Doesn't it seem nutritious? We need protein, grain, vegetable or fruits for each snack time! Cooking with children must encourage them to try new food!" - Tomomi

Handmade Ornaments and Decorations with Masami!

“Today, we made flour play dough together for Candy sticks! It was so sticky when we were making play dough but it was so fun! They enjoyed a lot for making. We squished play dough and put some colors and made candy sticks and put them oven and baked it!
For bowl ornaments, we decorate round paper with beads, stickers and some glitter. They had so much fun for decorating. They are asking each other like “ can I borrow green glitter?” and sharing! I’m so glad that they are using their words and sharing!"    - Masami


"We're starting off with how a Crystal is made, and we learned that it needs time, space, pressure and heat. " - Ehlssie

Aïda - Next weeek...?

"Today we met two new friends: Ms Latitude and Ms Longitude! They are an imaginary lines around the planet Earth that show us the heat and time zones of the world. We found out that we are going to travel between Parallels 20 ...or in other words, the Earth's belly! We discovered why is this area warmer than the rest of the planet comparing it with our body. We saw the differences between the parallel lines and the curved ones! Be ready to learn more about new countries, vocabulary and music styles!"  - Aida


🇵🇭  "Help teacher Yvette discover more about what Filipinos love to do, eat and the traditions they follow from before until now. Candy cane bracelet was a hit! Each kid showed their own version of rainbow colored candy cane bracelet.Today we make some paper chains, to be used as decorations to their Christmas tree, because Filipinos has a lot of enthusiasm for Christmas." - Yvette

THe Winner is...