BKC Spring 2019

Working so hard!

I've been teaching about Jobs and Occupations through the role-playing activities. Kids love to pretend to be adults around them. So every time, we enjoyed it, and had a meaningful time! Sometimes, children have asked me what we are going to be next week. I could tell they are so excited for my Big Kids Club 😉 

The other day, the occupation was a Dentist!

”How many teeth do you have? Let's count them!”
”1,2,3,4...19, and 20!”

Yes, kids have 20 teeth! And we all need to take care of them. ”What if you don't brush your teeth?”

”We will get a cavity :,(”

The children were so smart! So teacher Ayumi told them to make a mouth, and put 20 teeth on it.
”I mixed cavities which is brown coloured tooth in white teeth in a tray, please don't put it on the mouth, okay?”

The kids were checking which one is the healthy tooth. After they made it, they were brushing and checking the teeth in the mouth they made with a paper plate.

We also became a nail artist!

I made the customer’s hands with gloves, and pasted the nail tips on it.

“We colored the nail tips today. Not on the fingers. If you painted them, you can wipe it off :)”

Our new nail artists were trying to paint on only nail tips, and being gentle with the hands!

The kids loved the occupation so much! 

We headed to Harbour Air to see water planes! It was perfect weather for our field trip, and so much fun!

We saw some water planes taking off, and flying in the sky.

I asked the kids ” If you could take the plane, where would you go?”


They were thinking, so teacher Ayumi said “I would like to go to Japan, and see my doggy!”

Then A kid said “Woohoo! I would like to go to Japan too!” 
We know the water planes don’t go to Japan, but it was fun to think where we would go 🙂

Thank you so much for joining my BKC!

What is the summer BKC theme with me?

Stay tuned 😉