How It Works

Three Chances to Book

As little as one hour's notice,

or 4 months in advance

Cancelations are one hour's notice, too!

With our license, we have a maximum of 16 spots available for each hour.

  1. At the beginning of the month, 4 months in advance, 12 spots are made available for each hour of the day. 
  2. At 6am, 2 days in advance, 3 more spots are released. 
  3. One spot is reserved for day-of emergencies and late pickups - call at 8am to enquire

Once twelve spots are filled, members can set the alarm clock to catch the second wave! At 6am, 2 days in advance, 3 more spots are up for grabs! You can also check back. 

Until December, one membership includes access to both our locations, which means you've got options. If you miss out on the second wave at Broadway, login at Storybook, and book in on the East side.

Please note: Starting Dec. 1, maintaining accounts at a second centre will cost $10/mo. 

For changes to day-of reservations, families can call the centre (with one hour's notice); however, we are not be able to accept bookings or cancellations via answering machine message or email.

Please just call again 🙂

Now that you know when you're coming, read more about what to bring.

Packing your Buddy Bag