How It Works

Three Chances to Book

As little as one hour's notice,

or 4 months in advance

Cancelations are one hour's notice, too!

With our license, we have a maximum of 16 spots available for each hour.

  1. At the beginning of the month, 4 months in advance, 12 spots are made available for each hour of the day. 
  2. At 6am, 2 days in advance, 3 more spots are released. 
  3. One spot is reserved for day-of emergencies and late pickups - call at 8am to enquire

Once twelve spots are filled, members can set the alarm clock to catch the second wave! At 6am, 2 days in advance, 3 more spots are up for grabs! You can also check back. 

Or, you can add membership at our second centre for access to both calendars, so you've got 6 options to book! 

For changes to day-of reservations, families can call the centre (with one hour's notice); however, we are not be able to accept bookings or cancellations via answering machine message or email.

Please just call again 🙂

Now that you know when you're coming, read more about what to bring.

Packing your Buddy Bag