BKC Summer 2018

Book Nook: Importance of Books in Early Learning


Throughout the season we had lots of fun

Reading books, creating art, and having fun under the sun!

Being creative through book inspirations was no fuss...

Now let's reflect on how reading books is good for us!



What are the benefits of books in Early Learning?

  1. Books enhance cognitive and speech skills
  2. It build's children's vocabulary
  3. Books give room for creative thought
  4. Promotes a better understanding of the world

Importance of books in Book Nook Class

Throughout the season, we have drawn inspiration from books to inspire creative thinking. This is typically done by Big Kids through expressions of art work. For example, when we read the book "Where the Wild Things Are" the children had the chance to create their own image of their magical forest. 

We also learn about different art terms and techniques. Gluing, pasting, cutting, drawing, are essential skills we practice. 

We learn about the different types of colours, cool, warm, complimentary colours and how black and white are not actually colours but they're considered tints and shades! 

We're into our final week before with Fall In Love with our next season. Our last class happens on Aug. 29th from 9 - 12 pm. Don't miss out! 


We're excited to announce that BKC in Storybook will be every afternoon from 1 - 4 pm

starting Sept. 4th!

You will surely Fall In Love with our Educational Program for preschoolers.

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