BKC Winter 2019

Civilizations! Mars’ and Mercury’s Day BKC!

“Good that you ask -- you should always ask, always have doubts.” ― Hermann Hesse, Demian. 

When I'm planning my Big Kids Club I ask myself some questions...
- What do I remember from my early childhood?
- What was I excited for?
- How can I share what I love with our Big Kids?
I realize that much of my motivation has come from my history teachers. I had great history teachers... their influence was such that I named my cat Anubis after the Egyptian god. I wanted to be an archaeologist! I even went to a summer camp when I was 16 to restore ancient Roman mosaics and I studied a year of History at the University of Barcelona... visiting Egypt has always been my dream.

Civilizations: a one year program diving into the ancient worlds of Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Middle Age!



  • The process by which a society or place reaches an advanced stage of social development and organization.
  • The society, culture, and way of life of a particular area.

Buddings Big Kids are the newest civilization! Exploring some of our ancient curiosities will lead them to wonder, imagine and create. We will learn from each other and together we will build a great project. 

The program will include philosophymathematics, writinggeography, art, cooking and exploring 'new' old worlds. Each season we will work on these topics through the lens of a different ancient civilization. Get ready for numbers and chronologies, storytelling, maps, awesome alphabets, new activities, field trips and more! Always with great music!

My personal motivation and challenge is to introduce ideas and concepts in such a way that the children can associate them with something that they already know or, can recognize in what is around us. 

“The wisest writers devote themselves to what a man ought to know, without asking what a child is capable of learning.” ― Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile or On Education

All the activities are based on the importance of socialization and sustainability:


  • Sharing experiences and group learning.
  • Development of social skills.
  • Cognitive development through positive experience that allows children to integrate knowledge based on history.
  • Development of the language and communication thought oral, written and musical language.
  • Psycho-motor development to discover our body.
  • Artistic development.
  • Exploring cultural possibilities offered in Vancouver with the Field Trips.
  •  Learning the importance of recycling and reusing materials.
  •  And always... games!

Egypt will be our first destination and we will learn about their life, cities and mysteries. How does their influence still affect us? Pyramids, mummies, hieroglyphs, papyrus... history is amazing and full of life! Bringing it back to our children will be fun! What we will do?

  • Explore mythology.
  • Learning about hieroglyphics and writing!
  • Experimenting with papyrus.
  • Visiting the pyramids and its mummies!
  • Digging into mathematics and its new forms of measure length and weight, and time!
  • Talking about crocodiles, beetles and scorpions.
  • Cooking Egyptian food.

I currently hold a Degree in HieroglyphicalsGreat! Now I am a Hieroglyphics Master !Yes ! Now I can get a job because I know Hieroglyphics !I currently hold a Degree in HieroglyphicalsGraduate School in Egyptology here I come !

Born of Tears - Eduardo Galeano

Before Egypt was Egypt, the sun created the sky and the birds that fly through it. He created the Nile and the fish that swim in it. And he painted its black banks green with the teeming life of plants and animals.

Then the sun, maker of life, sat back to contemplate his work.

The sun felt the deep breathing of the newborn world as it opened before his eyes and he heard the first voices.

Such tremendous beauty hurt.

The sun’s tears fell to earth and made mud.

And from that mud came people.

The new year starts this December! Join us every Tuesday at Buddings Broadway and Wednesday at Storybook Buddings from 1-4pm and let's explore together!


*Feature image thanks to Pilarín Bayés*