Eat the Alphabet in August!!

Synchronizing the Snack theme and Morning activity!

Time flies! it's already time for us to conclude August snack "Let's eat the Alphabet!'

Avocado Toast for "A" , Banana muffin for "B" , Cucumber Dipping is for "C" and "D"...etc...
Alphabet is everywhere!


We actually have been trying to synchronize the snack theme and morning activities since this June so that our little buddies can learn things effectively. In this month, our effort appears to be paying off!!



We have done lots of Alphabet activities! Here are some examples!



Matching the alphabet!

Making a Gorilla for "G"

Jumping over the letter "Q" and "R"

Trace your name and decorate it!

What this new snack program is bringing to Buddings?

Personally I have been very excited to talk about what is going on with our new snack program this month!

As I mentioned earlier, this program is expanding children's learning and also.....


It is actually encouraging US(all the teachers at Buddings) to work harder as a group and making our bond stronger!


It is actually one of the new challenge for us but it's definitely worth trying and  it is always great to see the progress.

Our new challenge is still on going and we all are very excited about keep working on it!

Buddings is evolving!!

We still have one more week for this ABC snack month!  Come join us and let's eat the alphabet together!


Alphabet pancake!

Cucumber Dipping for "C" and "D"

French toast and Flower apple for "F"

Nachos for "N"

Eggplant pizza for "E"

Quinoa salad for "Q"