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Flexible Advocacy 2022

Exciting News...

This year, Daycare Manager Ayumi Kato, and our soon-to-be manager Lynn Truong, have taken over the company advocacy efforts, to see if 2022 is the year we can finally get some action on our quest for a Flexible Daycare License. 

We've been working on the project for almost a decade, and there's reason for hope. In 2018, we met with our Minister of Childcare, and in 2020 we relaunched our petition, asking families to support it on Change.org. By the end of 2021, 1572 people have. And you can be next! 😉

Last October, we even got a response from Early Learning spokesperson Teresa Butler, promising consultation "soon". You can read her letter by clicking on the image. -->


Here's where Lynn comes in:

If you read the letter, you wonder why it comes through the Ministry of Health, instead of Children and Family Services (who are in charge of subsidy), or even Education (responsible for school-age care). In BC, childcare is licensed under Health, and the law is called the Community Care and Assisted Living Act.

In order to understand what prevents us from better serving families, including:

  • Being eligible for family subsidies
  • Accessing up to 80 hours of care per month...

Lynn is hitting the books!

She's recently completed her Early Childhood Education Diploma, and she's putting her education to the test, to study and summarize the law that governs daycares in BC.



Ayumi has taken on a research project of her own, to reach out to organizations and allies who could move our project forward, starting with the Childcare Council of BC.

Not sure who that is, or their role and responsibility around policy and governance?

Great questions!

Tune in next month to find out. We'll be filing updates each month to keep you in the loop, and... 

If you have a contact we could reach out to or any useful resources, we would love to hear from you.

Send me an email at lynn@buddings.ca to share a tip.