BKC Summer 2018

Follow the “Ocean Motion ~” on Fridays!

from the world's largest Archipelago!

Hi everyone, my name is Kezia and I'm from Indonesia, the world's largest Archipelago! 

Having spent my first 18 years of life surrounded by cultures both divided and united by the ocean, I've always felt a deep connection with the deep blue waters.

Like Darwin's finches in the Galapagos, Indonesians who lived one island apart will have spoken a different language, have a different cuisine, and wear different cultural garments. Even so, the ocean equally provides us with food, and its waves are the road that connects us to each other. Therefore, protecting the ocean and its inhabitants are very, very important to me 🙂

Though now I'm oceans and oceans apart from my home, I'm very excited to share my love for the sea with all our buddies this Summer season!

~Welcome to Ocean Motion Island ~

This Summer Season, let me take you on a journey where fish glows, mermaids swim, and pirates roam ...

We'll be going around the island to learn about marine life, ocean conservation, and culture, all whilst playing in the sand, forging friendships, and eating yummy snacks!

I look forward to sail with you on Fridays at 1-4pm (1-5pm for fieldtrips) for an afternoon full of water, fun and discovery 🙂