BKC Fall 2018

Fun time at Circus Play Cafe!

It still feels like it's October when remembering our field trip to Circus Play Cafe! Buddings Big Kids had such a great time there and we had the chance to visit this awesome play space twice! 
While visiting commercial drive and exploring  the excellent street art, there were so many places to discover and have fun, but Circus Play Cafe was the highlight of the day! Its big play space invites children to dive into their imagination and the many games! Slides, castles, busy boards, light houses, shops, a yellow bus and even a space ship! Everything that kids love in a big colorful room! 

We both share and believe in the importance of play, that the spontaneous creativity and curiosity that it brings out in our children is important for their development. Through symbolic play children learn to respect rules, share toys, follow instructions, wait for their turn, help others, solve conflicts, decide between choices, manage their emotions, ask for permission and give thanks. Play creates situations that help the development of social skills, create positive interactions and improve self-esteem.

And wow! How they all played!

Buddings Big Kids were sharing Circus Play Cafe space with other kids and families. They had such a fun time! Everything was something new to discover and enjoy, all these bright colors and natural light caught all children's attention! Everybody wanted to stay longer and it was very difficult to leave! 

Buddings field trips are based on socialization and providing opportunity for self growth through interaction with others and the world. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to visit such a fun place! Thank you Vivian, Shannon and everyone for welcoming us and being so incredible!


Stay tuned and follow our November calendar for more upcoming field trips!