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Package Options: Hours By Request

Flexible prepay system

Since 2011, Buddings has been the most flexible daycare in town, because our convenient website lets families choose from packages of hours, that get cheaper when you commit to larger volume. It's perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfers and appointment-based professionals who know we'll always be there for their last-minute bookings.

Check the Youtube video for how it works. So easy!

Introducing Pay As You Go!

We also have a more personalized service for families who need a bit of extra support, including very variable schedules, multichild families, and ... everyone can use some extra support sometimes! You can use the option whenever you want!

Simply purchase the option for Hours By Request on the Packages tab for $30, and forward the receipt to membership@buddings.ca. We'll credit your account with 40 hours per child to book throughout the month, at our cheapest hourly rate - $18/hour.  

You can even choose how you'd like to pay:

Option 1 - Monthly Billing

Book whatever hours you want all month long, and pay the invoice by credit card or e-transfer at the end of the month.


Option 2 - Pay-as-you-go

Want to keep closer track of your usage? Request to pay for the hours as you use them, and we'll send the invoice for payment when you're ready. Including by e-transfer!