Talia’s the New Manager at Storybook

Talia Erickson is the owner and creator of Vancouver’s flexible daycare concept and has been on the management team at Buddings since 2011, but in 2020, she takes the reins. She holds a Combined Honours degree in Psychology and Journalism from the Universities of King’s College and Dalhousie in Halifax, and took her Daycare Basics at the Westcoast Childcare Resource.

Her appreciation for clear communication, (“use your words”), polite manners, and environmental awareness can be found throughout this website, in our newsletters, as well as at the centre. Families count on her for transparency and a continuing desire to improve, and kids get consistent guidance towards global responsibility. She is also a small business mentor, a vegetarian, animal enthusiast, and an all-weather cyclist. She also likes space. 🚀

To get her, send an email to admin, info, news, or plain old talia@buddings.ca, or find her on LinkedIn.