BKC Summer 2019

How your body works?

Have you had a chance to teach your kids about their  own body? How it works? Or had an experience to be asked so many questions about their body by the kids?  Children are curious, and asking us 

"Where the poop come from?" "Why we need to eat?" like these questions a lot! 

It is very important for kids to learn about their own body during childhood. Then it would  help for taking care their own body by themselves!

I will introduce some of the activities that I have done, and you can see how I teach How Our Body Works!

Ayumi’s first class this season was about what is inside our bodies. I showed a body picture, gave some picture of the organs, and asked the kids what they are.

I was so amazed that some of our buddies already know about that and even how they works as well!

”A heart is like a pump to send your blood to your whole body!” I told them.

Then a kid said ”Oh! I didn’t know that. That’s why I have blood in my body!”
That’s right! We learned so many parts in our body!

The other day, we learned about Brain!
“When your bladder is getting full, the bladder will send the sign to the brain, then the brain will tell us that we need to go to the bathroom! So the brain is very important!” I said.
Then a kid said “No! I think heart is the most important thing!”
“Yes, it is. But if the brain got damaged, the brain can stop your heart. If your heart got damaged, the pomp to send the blood doesn’t work anymore, then the brain will stop working as well. So heart and brain both are very important!”

“Oh. I didn’t know that” The kid said. Can you believe what we are talking about? How smart they are!

Our buddies were very interested in how our body works which was great!

Then we made the own brain with some strings!

The another topic was about POOP! 💩
I don't know why children really like to talk about poop! But I know how funny it is.haha

I told the children that poop shows you how healthy you are.
I showed them how your body make your poop through making play dough poop together!

“When you eat foods, what do you do?” I asked.
“Chew!” The kids said. Yes! We need to make the foods small to swallow them.
“Let’s pretend to see the flour as foods you chewed!” Then put the flour in a bowl.

“What do you drink if it was hard to swallow?” I asked again.
“Drink water!”

Yes! Put the water in the flour.
We also put the green paint as spinach, red one as strawberries, yellow one as bananas...then
“See? It became brawn color like poop💩 That’s what’s happening in your intestines!“
“Ewww! It’s yucky!”
“Right! That’s why you shouldn’t keep your poop in your tummy!”


“Also if you had too much milk, water, or ice cream, it makes you sick. And you might get stomachache and diarrhea😭” 

We also made the yucky diarrhea🙏, and learned how your poop show us your health.

Please come to Storybook Buddings on Wednesday and Buddings Broadway on Thursday


learn How Your Body Works together!