BKC Spring 2019

Learning about jobs and occupations!

I have been teaching about jobs and occupations, and lots of fun so far!

One day, we became a hairdresser! The hair model was Mrs. Potato head. She ordered haircut and hair color. Our new hairdressers cut, dye, and dry her hair.
I told the children ”That is all hairdresser’s job. we even need to be caring the customers.”

Then one of our hairdressers asked Mrs. Potato head ”Is it okay? The hairdryer is not too hot?” 

They learned how the hairdressers work. And a kid said ”I want to be a hairdresser in the future!” Having a dream is so beautiful things! It makes your life much colorful

And the other Wednesday's occupation was a daycare teachers. We learned what is the daycare teacher’s job which are how to clean a baby’s body, do a baby massage, carry up, and make snacks.

Our lovely teacher trainees were good at taking care of babies. When we were chopping spinach and cheese with a butter knife for snacks, I've asked them ”Is it too big for kids or okay? because we are a teacher. We have to think about the babies when we do everything.”

”I think it's too big. I'm going to make a small piece.” A kid said. She also said
”Watch your fingers! You might cut your fingers” We used a butter knife so it’s not going to happen though, anticipating risk is important to play safely. Good job! Kids love taking care of babies. Then they will know how they are taken care of by adults around them, I hope 🙂

The other day, I made a doctor set and showed how doctors work. Then, we made their own stethoscope. We used a piece of the paper bottles, put the strings on, and used a piece of sponges as the end part of the stethoscope.

“It’s not working!” One of the small doctors said when she checked my heartbeat😱oh no!

They were busy to treat the patients and enjoying the activity!

I hope the kids will have a future dream through these activities


they help to improve the children's imagination.

Please join my Wednesday BKC for experiencing the future dream jobs!