What’s teacher Lynn doing?

The first half of 2021 is over, and as we head into the summer season, Out of the Storm, at Storybook, Lynn Truong is the safe haven we can all call home. She's the calm seas after a hurricane, the singsong voice that calls to us at snack time, and most importantly, the Admin Assistant for members and applicants. Messages from membership@buddings.ca come from Lynn! 

Lynn has completed her Responsible Adult certification, and is half-way through pursuing her Early Childhood Educator's license at Burnaby Continuing Education. With a sister 17 years younger, caring for kids might come naturally enough, but when you hear how she talks to children, you just know there's an educator inside. She's also a great listener. No wonder the kids love her so much!

Up for any challenge, quick on the uptake, and full of positivity, Lynn brings the lightness on our dark days, always ready with a story, circle, or shoulder to cry on. She calms us down when things get crazy, moves things forward, and she never, ever, loses her gentle touch. Seriously.

The first year was a wild one, but with Lynn settling in, the future is bright. You can catch her at Storybook, Monday to Friday, and online at either membership, or lynn@buddings.ca.