Maylinh joins a whole new world!


Maylinh Nguyen began her time with Buddings as our afternoon all-star Storybook centre volunteer in 2021 to gain experience working with children. Her interest in the field was piqued through her psychology studies at Langara, and with the change of season, she's had a change of heart. She's changing her major to childcare!

Maylinh is tenacious, engaged, and eager to try, and as she guides the kids through our daycare routines, she's learning about child development, and developing herself as well!

Looking for Maylinh? Follow the crowd!

Turns out she's a natural with storytelling, and has a hand for leading a band. Best of all, the kids all love her, and she's always in the middle of the action. This summer, she's showing up at both centres, and you can find her online, at Maylinh@buddings.ca.