Lynn Truong blossoms and blooms

Lynn Truong is born and bred in East Vancouver, where she has been working with children in every capacity. Her sister is littler by 17 years, and she's been babysitting in her neighbourhood since she was a high school student.

Her passion ignited, she is currently pursuing her Early Childhood Educator's license at Burnaby Continuing Education. Lynn loves playing outside, and teaching children about plants, nature, and sharing the earth. She joined our team at the beginning of 2020, and finished her daycare teacher training just in time to step into the admin assistant position after COVID-19 changed everything.

Up for any challenge, quick on the uptake, and full of positivity, Lynn brings a ray of sunshine with her wherever she goes! At school, she's learning the history and pedagogy of early learning, and at Buddings, she helped develop our Covid Code of Conduct, including taking temperatures, sanitizing the space, and teaching distancing. 2020 has been a whirlwind, full of surprises, but Lynn takes it all in stride. With a smile.